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Compliant PAS 2030

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PAS 2030 Certification

How to get PAS 2030 certification

Follow our 5-step program to gain PAS 2030 accreditation.


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Step 1


We take the necessary information about your business relating to PAS 2030. Using this information we create a Quality Management System unique to your business, that complies with PAS 2030.

Step 2

PAS 2030 Consultant

In order for your certification process to run as smoothly as possible, we will assign you a consultant, that will guide you through while answering any questions/concerns that you may have.

Step 3


Your assigned consultant will advise prepare and guide you through through the audit process.

Step 4


Once you have attained PAS 2030, we will make sure that you keep it, by keeping your certification continuously aligned with the latest standards.

Step 4