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Compliant PAS 2030

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PAS 2030

When implementing energy efficiency improvements in existing homes as part of government efforts, all contractors and installers must be qualified and compatible with PAS 2030, an industry specification.

All installers must adhere to the criteria of PAS 2030, which details the installation practises, operative competency standards, and general quality requirements.

Business Growth

Improve your service and draw in more customers by using PAS 2030 certification.

Win Tenders

You may show clients that you have a high degree of quality assurance built into your work by obtaining PAS 2030 accreditation.

Become Accredited

Demonstrate that your company satisfies the technical standards set out in PAS 2030.

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What does PAS 2030 cover?

  • Building Fabric Measures (BFM): including insulation, glazing, and doors
  • Building Services Electrical (BSE): including lighting and lighting controls
  • Building Services Mechanical (BSM): including boilers and heating systems
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Are you interested in becoming ISO compliant?

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